CCJ-News – Special Isssue No. 3 -(March 9- 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues,

with this Third Special Issue in 2023, I am sending you

  • 6 Documents regarding announcement for positions, funding opportunities, requests, solicitations,
  • 2 Conference Announcements
  • 7 Documents regarding FoC-Publications resp. FoC-Collections
  • 1 Message on a Guide concerning Anxiety and Addiction.

With best regards,
Hans-J. Kerner


The next regular issue, with information (mostly) on scholarly publications, will probably get ready for distribution in the course of the next week.

Hans-Juergen Kerner
Listserv Mananger, Criminology and Criminal Justice News
Emeritus Professor, Dr. iur. and Former Director
Institute of Criminology, University of Tuebingen
Sand 7, 72076 Tuebingen, Germany
Phone: +49-7071-297 20 44// Fax: +49-7071-29 51 04
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_Call for Applications_Position SD 2024-26

_Moore_New BJA_USA Funding Opportunities_CCJ-Related_03-2023

_CCJ-News-Calls for Positions 2023

_Request for Information on Criminal Justice Statistics_COPS_03-2023

_Post-Doc_Department of Criminal Law at the MPI for the Study of Crime_Germany

_Solicitation_Korean-German joint workshops and research visits_03-2023

Conference Prato 2023 Stronger Trajectories, Safer Trajectories

Conferences CCJ-News 02-2023

FoC-1_Australian Institute of Criminology_Recent Publications till 02-2023

FoC-2_Bloomsbury Academic_Resources on Women´s Day_2023

FoC-3_Social Forces_100th Anniversary Centennial Essays_Articles

FoC-4_Subramanian et al_US Federal Courts- Dealing with Extreme resp. Outdated Sentences_2023

FoC-5_European Criminal Law Associations’ Forum_FoC 02-2023

FoC-6_NIJ-USA_Latest FoC Criminal Justice Dataset Releases_02-2023

FoC-7_Federal Constitutional Court_Germany_Annual 2022 Report_FoC 2023

Stewart_Guide to ´Anxiety and Addiction´_Message Jan. 2023