CCJ-News – December 30, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues,

with this latest Regular Issue of my Criminology and Criminal Justice Newsletter in 2022, I am providing you with

  • 2 Invitations to join topical conference in 2023 an 2024 (No. 1 + 2),
  • 1 Kerner Special Collection of recent scholarly articles, wich are offered FoC, but only for a limited time period,
  • 14 documents (articles, institutional documents, collections etc on various CCJ-related topics).


I wish you a Happy New Year, and remain with cordial greetings,

Hans-J. Kerner


Download links:

1_Invitation_5th SASCV Conference_27-28 Jan 2023

3_Special J. CCJ-Relevated Items_FoC-time limit_Kerner Selection_12-2022

2_IISL Workshops 2024_Socio-Legal Topics_Invitation for Potential Organizers_12-2022

COVID-19 Impact_State and Federal Prisons 2020-2021_USA-BJS 2022

Covid-19- Pandemic_Vcictim. Perspectives-Journ. O.A_Special Iss._2-2022

Crime & Justice Group_Campbell Collaboration_2022 News

Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime_Latest Results_Pub. 2022

Garland_Att. General_Combating Hate Crimes USA_Fact Sheet_Dec. 12-2022

Eucrim 3-2022_Information e-mail_TW

Gupta_US DoJ_Statement on 2021 FBI Hate Crimes in the US Statistics_12-2022

Holder_UCR–NCVS Hate Crime Trends, USA 2003 to 2020_2022

Matei et al_Exploration of Prosecutorial Discretion-Plea Bargaining-Philadelphia_2022

MoJ England-Wales_Rape Response Overhaul Delivers Progress_Dec. 2022

Nahouli et al_Rapport building with offenders in probation supervision_12-2022

Porter_Top Trends in Criminal Justice Reform USA 2022

Rape-Review UK-Progress_Update December 2022

Temida Journal of Human Rights- Victimzation 2-2022_FoC