CCJ-NEWS / Special April Issue 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues!

This special issue of my Criminology and Criminal Justice News contains messages with deadlines,

*1 related to a topical journal issue, and

*3 with invitations to join diverse video-conferences.

This is why I have decided to disseminate this CCJ-NEWS-SPECIAL.

I am using this opportunity to add some interesting publications, i. e.

* 6 research reports on crime and crime control topics in Sweden, and

* 3 research reports pertaining to ´Ndrangheta Clans in the Toronto-Area CDN.

The next regular CCJ-News issue will probably get ready for dissemination in early May

Best regards,

Hans-J. Kerner


_Journal_COVID-19 and Trust in CJ Systems_CfP

_Web-01_Preventing and Combating Bias-Based Bullying and Hate Crimes_28 April

_Web-02a_Social Hater-S_Conference_Flyer, 2 May

_Web-02-b_SocialHater-S_Call for Papers

_Web-03_Topical Events as annunced via FID-LAW Berlin_May -October

Doc-1_Oswald_Impact of employment upon young offenders identities UK_2022

Doc-2_Viberg_Swedish Crime Survey 2021_Natl.Counc.Crime Prev_2022

Doc-3_Westerberg_School Survey on Crime Sweden 2019_2020

Doc-4_Frenzel_Self-reported Exposure to Hate-Crime Sweden_2020

Doc-5_Skinnari et al_Cultures of Silence toward CJS Sweden_2019

Doc-6a_Holmberg et al_Rape_From Report to Conviction_Sweden 2019

Doc-6b_Holmberg et al_Rape_The New Swedish Consent Law in Practice_2020

Machin-1_´Ndrangheta Troronto Arrea article 7

Machin-2_´Ndrangheta Toronto Areas article 8

Machin-3_´Ndrangheta Toronto Area index