CCJ-News // Special Issue / 1 April 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues,

with this ad-hoc Special issue  of Criminology and Criminal Justice News,

I am providing you with

* 1 Announcement for Post-Doc Stipends at the Max-Planck Institute in Freiburg/Germany

* 2 Calls for participation in Face-to-Face Conferences/Seminars

* 2 US Solicitations for Research or Evaluation Projects

* 6 Announcements for Video-Conferences on various topics

The next Regular Issue will probably be ready for distribution tomorrow

Best regards,

Hans-J. Kerner


Announemt_Postdoc-Positions_Max-Planck Institute S-22-01_en

F+F-Conf-01_Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy_Symposium 27 June

F+F-Conf-02_White Hat Conference CI Competition June 2022

Solicitation-01_2 Research +Evaluation Projects_NIJ-USA_May-2022

Solicitation-02_Research and Evaluation on Desistance from Crime_NIJ-USA_May 2022

Web-01_European Crime Preventin Conference_April 2022

Web-02_Narrative Criminology Research Network Genoa Symp._16++June 2022

Web-03_Criminology and the Planet-Land-Sea-Air_Dutch Soc Crim 16+ June

Web-04_UCL Future Fraud Conference_July 2022

Web-05_22nd Conference of the ESC _Malaga, Spain, 21 to 24 September 2022_CfP

Web-06_Gender & Crime_24+25 November