Noutăți în materie de criminologie și justiție penală din revista „Criminologie și justiție penală” Nr. 325 din Martie 2024 – Hans-J. Kerner

În urma schimbării sistemului de numerotare a Revistei domnului profesor Hans Kernes, Societatea Română de Criminologie și Criminalistică are plăcerea de a vă oferi numărul 325 din Martie 2024 al revistei „Criminologie și justiție penală” care include:

  • 3 dintre colecțiile Kerner-Collections pe teme legate de ÎCCJ.
  • 5 apeluri de participare la manifestări științifice (de exemplu, conferințe), respectiv de furnizare a rezumatelor lucrărilor planificate.
  • 6 Documente (articole, rapoarte etc.) pe diverse teme


Mesajul domnului profesor:

” Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues,

*1-Over the past year, I have received several comments and questions regarding the distinction between “Regular Issues” and “Special Issues” of my Criminology and Criminal Justice News Information Service.

*2- I began thinking anew about this matter on New Years Eve. I have now decided to change the system, whereby I will use consecutive numbers for every newsletter, and – if necessary – adding some explanations or comments on the specific contents.

*3- Since June 2006 until 26 February of this year, I have produced and distributed 324 Issues. Therefore, the series will continue now with Number 325. In this number, I am providing you with:

  • 3 of my Kerner-Collections on CCJ-related Topics.
  • 5 Calls for participation in scholarly events (e.g. conferences) resp. for providing abstracts of planned papers.
  • 6 Documents (articles, reports etc.) on diverse themes

With best regards,

HJ Kerner ”



_1 CCJ-related Topics_Kerner-Collection 1-2024

_2 CCJ-related Topics_R+Doc- Centre NL- Collection_02-2024

_3 CCJ-related Topics_AU + Gov. UK + US Att Pubs_Kerner-Collection 2024

CfP-1a_European Summer School on Criminology_19-23 August-2024 Lausanne

CfP-1b_European Summer School on Criminology-Lausanne_Schedule_CfP

CfP-2_Plural Policing in Cyberspace -Entering the Grey Zone

CfP-3_ESC 24_Transitional Justice, State Crime and Qualitative Methods PANEL

CfP-4_ESC 24_Southern Criminology and Crimes of the Powerful

CfP-5_ESC 24_CfP Criminalisation of Activism

Doc-1_Robinson et al_Firearms sold in California 1996-2021_2024

Doc-2a_Blakeney_Counterfeit goods and organised crime_Contents-2024

Doc-2b_Blakeney_Counterfeit goods and organised crime_Definitions-2024

Doc-3_Durana et al_Strategies Following the Repeal of Roe vs. Wade_USA-2024

Doc-4_Baiden-et-al_Exposure to neighborhood violence + gun-carrying_Adolescents USA_2024

Doc-5_European Law- Prevention, Investigation, Eucrim 2-2023

Doc-6_Leaving Prison and Homelessnes_Feantsa-Studies_2024