CCJ-News -Regular Issue 2-2023

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues,

with this Regular February Issue of my Criminology and Criminal Justice News,

I am providing you with information on

  • Conferences, Courses etc. ( 1-8)
  • Calls for Papers on prospected Special Journal Issues (CfP 1-3)
  • Scholarly Articles / Brochures / Books (Doc 1-9)
  • The contents of an International Handbook on Comparative Criminal Justice.


Best regards,

Hans-J. Kerner



1_Conferences 2023 March-November_English + German Languages

2_Green Crimes Conference 2023_CfP

3_Dubrovnik Criminology Course Flyer 2023

4_International Symposium on the Legal Profession_March 2023

5_Vaughan_Lecture Unethical Environmental Lawyers_March 16, 2023


7_MONI workshop July 2023 – Call for proposals

8_International Master’s in Sociology of Law_IISL-Invitation 02-2023

CfP-1__Ethnicity in Criminal Justice_Journal CfP

CfP-2__Geographies of organised crime_Special J. Issue_CfP

CfP-3__University of Latvia Journal- Law_CfP

Doc-1_Fischer et al_Jena Declaration on Race-Racism_2019

Doc-2_Fischer_Human Populations -Not biologically and genetically discrete_2023

Doc-3_Boyanowsky_Crime&Criminality 2020_Information 2023

Doc-4_Katsnelson_Brain Scan_Crime Evidence_UNESCO-COURIER 2022

Doc-5_Security Report Germany_Corona Special_Summary ENG_2020

Doc-5_Turner et al_Predictors of Online Sexual Abuse USA_2023

Doc-6_Policing for a modern society in the United Arab Emirates_FoC-Articles

Doc-7__Journal of Gender-Based Violence_Articles 2022 FoC BUP offer_02-2023

Doc-8_Scottish Centre Crime and Justice Research_News for Download_02-2023

Doc-9_Solon et al_Pro‐choice versus pro‐life-Examining abortion identity USA_2022

Handbook Info_Nelken et al_Research on Comparative Criminal Justice 2022