CCJ-News – Regular Issue – April 2, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues,

with this 6th regular issue of my “Criminology and Criminal Justice News” in 2022 I am providing you with

* 1 further issue of the regular Kerner-Collection on various CCJ-related topics

* 1 further issue of the new, and still “provisionally” Kerner-Special-Collection on sex-offender cases as dealt with by U.S. Federal Prosecutors resp. District Courts

* 1 unique Kerner-Special-Collection, containing a  series of CCJ-related articles from a social science journal I have not been aware of till a few weeks ago, which publishes continuously -inter alia- articles pertaining to African and South-American topics

* 3 Announcements on CCJ-related Books

* 11 Documents (articles etc.) on various CCJ-related topics from several countries

* 1 Call for Papers regarding a special journal issue on Opioid Dependence

* 1 Announcement for a new and freely accessible database on results of the US National Crime Victimization Survey as administered in the years 2000 to 2015

With best regards,

Hans-J. Kerner


__Kerner-Collection_CCJ-related Topics_April 2022

_Kerner-Collection_2nd Sex Offender Special Issue_US Fed. Court Cases_22-03_ 2022

_Kerner-Collection_Special on Journal ´Cogent Social Sciences´ 2022-2020

Book 01_Barak_Criminology on Trump_2022

Book-02_Savona_Series International and Comparative Criminology_CfP_03-2022

Book-03_Weisburd_Confronting School Violence_New Book-FoC till 4 April, 2022

Doc-01_FBI_Effects of NIBRS on 2019 U.S. Crime Statistics_TICS, 2019_03-2022Doc-02_Fischer_Inside the State, against the State_2022

Doc-02_Fischer_Inside the State, against the State_2022

Doc-03_Graebsch_Crimmigration and Pre-Crime in German Law_2022

Doc-04_International Women´s Day 2022_Selected Topics-Free Download_03-2022

Doc-05_Van der Woude_Getting to the Core of Crimmigration_2022

Doc-06_Ramos_Gender Perspectives on the Post-Holocaust Transitional Justice Process _2022

Doc-07_Karstedt_German Criminology and the Crimes of the National Socialist State_2022

Doc-08_Mello_Vaccine Misinformation and the First Amendment-USA-The Price of Free Speech_2022

Doc-09_Sage_Reducing “COVID-19 Misinformation” While Preserving Free Speech USA_2022

Doc-10_Ye et al_Firearm Ownership_US Famlies with vs without Children_2022

Doc-11_Caldwell et al_Age of Redemption for Adolescent Sexual Misconduct Offenders_2022

Journal-01_Criminal Justice Response to Opioid Epidemic_CfP

National Crime Victimization Survey_Public-Use Data-Set 2000-2015_2022