CCJ-News Regular Issue # 4 -2022 (March 2022)

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues,

with this 4th Regular Issue in 2022, I am providing you, as announced, with

* My 7th Special „Kerner Collection” on Covid-19 Publications from all over the Globe.

* My 1st Special „Kerner Collection” on U.S District Court Adjudication Cases, regarding Sex-Offenders and Porn Distributors.

* 2 recent Oxford University Blog Entries

* 9 Documents on Various CCJ-Topics

* 4 Invitations [late inoming] to join Video-Events.

With best regards,

Hans-J. Kerner

[P.S.: The U.S. Sex-Offender Court Case Colletion is kind of „tentative news”, depending inter alia on your advice whether such an endeavour seems worthwhile for your scholarly or policy work]


_Kerner-Collection_1st Sex-Offender Special Issue_U.S. Fed.District Court Cases_08-03_2022

_Kerner-Collection_7th COVID-19 Special Issue_08.03.2022

Blog-01_Hofer et al_Science Denial_5 Challenges_2021

Blog-02_Holmes_Can you have more than one cultural identity_2021

Doc-01_Van Zomeren_Collective Mobilization and Social Protest_2017

Doc-02_Braithwaite_Macrocriminology and Freedom_2022_Free electronic version

Doc-03_Drury et al_Crowds and Collective Behavior_2020

Doc-04_Eibach_Ideological Polarization and Social Psychology_2021

Doc-05_Gaffney et al_Dogmatism and the Need for Closure_2020

Doc-06_Center for Court Innovation N.Y._Community Residents are the Experts_20-2022

Doc-07_Turner_Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination_2020

Doc-08_Lahti_Towards Efficient, Just and Humane Criminal Justice +other Pub_FoC

Doc-09_Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team (NCET) U.S.Dept.Justice_National First Director 2022

Web-01_Sherman_Vollmer Award Speech_Goldilocks Published CAPP 2022

Web-02_Conferenc Hungary_Corruption risk, risk of corruption_21+22 March

Web-03_ICT Workshop – Inmate’s Digital Journey_5 +6 April _CfP

Web-04_Summer School ´Trust and Security´_UK 2022