CCJ-News -Regular Issue No. 5, 2022 March 22

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues,

with this 5th regular issue of my Criminology and Criminal Justice Newsletter in 2022, I am providing you with

* 3 „Kerner-Collections” of publications on

a) = Various CCJ-related topics,

b) = COVID-19-related topics, and

c) = Sex-offender cases as dealt with by U.S. prosecutors and/or district courts

* 4 Calls for Papers to prospected special CCJ topical journal issues

* 9 Documents (PDF) on various CCJ-related topics, and

* 4 Offers/solicitations by the U.S. National Institute of Justice for funding CCJ-related research projects.

With my best wishes for your further staying healthy in these pandemic times,

and with cordial greetings,

Hans-J. Kerner


1_Kerner-Collection_CCJ-related Topics_March 2022

2_Kerner-Collection_COVID-19-related Topics_March 2022

3_Kerner-Collection_Sex Offender Cases_US Fed. Courts_March 2022

CfP_Journal-01_Co-production and co-creation in Youth Justice

CfP_Journal-02_Temida_COVID-19 -Victimology perspectives

CfP_Journal-03_Temida_Green Victimology

CfP_Journal-04­_Economic Evaluation in Evidence-Based Criminal Justice Contexts

Doc-01_Braithwaite_Putin_s War – Restorative Reflections_2022

Doc-02_High-harm Offending by AU Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs_AIC 2022

Doc-03_Justice Dept. USA_Reauthorization – Violence Against Women Act_03-2022

Doc-04_Violence against Women and Girsl_Asian Countries_03-2022

Doc-05_World Migration Report 2022_UIM

Doc-06_International Humanitarian Law Collection_FoC Chapters_03-2022

Doc-07_Impact of the First Step Act and COVID-19 Pandemic_US-Sentencing Comm_03-2022

Doc-08_Biometrics in Child Sexual Abuse Videos_AIC-Pub. 2022

Doc-09_BJA-USA_National Public Defender Day_03-2022

Funding-01_Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) Program NIJ-USA 2022

Funding-02_Diverse Research Projects_NIJ-U.S.A.

Funding-03_Projects on Preventing and Combatting Hate Crimes_NIJ-U.S.A.

Funding-04_FY 2022.”_Materials and Webinar Slides_NiJ-U.S.A.